Hole by Hole Layout

Use these tips to help achieve your best score!





golf course hole 1

A slightly left center drive best utilizes the slope landing area for maximum yardage and avoids the deep gully on the right.


Olde Homeplace golf course hole 2

A well placed tee shot to the right side puts you in reach of the green in two, but be sure to steer clear of the trees just below the cart path.


Olde Homeplace golf course hole 3

Accuracy is important on this slightly uphill par 3 because of the small, well guarded, undulating green.


Olde Homeplace golf course hole 4

For the best approach shot to the green, and to avoid the bunker on the left side, your drive should be left center of the fairway.


Olde Homeplace hole 5

A very solid tee shot placed just left of center is necessary to clear the deep ravine on this par 5 and to reach the green in two. Avoid the O.B. down the left side of the fairway.


Olde Homeplace hole 6

Accuracy overrides length off the tee. Your approach shot over the ravine to the elevated green will play longer than it looks.


Olde Homeplace hole 7

A long, uphill Par 3 with a very large green. Avoid the bunker on the left side of the green and heavy rough right of the cart path.


Olde Homeplace hole 8
Your drive should be a little to the left for best results, but be sure and avoid the bunker that guards the fairway.


Olde Homeplace hole 9
Tee shot should be left center of fairway and past the silo for ideal 2nd shot. Avoid O.B. right of the fence on your 2nd shot.


Olde Homeplace hole 10

A long drive to the left will run into woods. A 2nd shot to the right or back of the green will mean trouble.


Olde Homeplace hole 11

Your tee shot should stay left center of the fairway for the shortest and most ideal 2nd shot.


Olde Homeplace hole 12

Choose your club carefully, this downhill Par 3 plays shorter than noted yardage. Avoid the left side and back of the green.


Olde Homeplace hole 13

This uphill Par 3 plays longer than it looks. Pay close attention to the pin position on this large deep green.


Olde Homeplace hole 14

A straight tee shot is a must. Consider using a fairway wood from the middle tees to avoid a possible downhill lie.


Olde Homeplace hole 15

Remember that an uphill shot causes the hole to play longer than the yardage noted. Stay left center to avoid trees on right.


Olde Homeplace hole 16

Your drive should be played to the right center of the fairway to avoid driving into the trees on the left and for the best approach to this small green.


Olde Homeplace hole 17
For the shortest approach shot on this long uphill hole, try to drive as close to the bunker on the right side as you can.


Olde Homeplace hole 18

Long, straight, uphill Par 5 finishing hole – just give it all you’ve got and hope the wind is at your back. Avoid O.B. on the left side.

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